Diving Courses

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The French Federation of Underwater Sports and Studies (FFESSM) is the body federated by the French Ministry of Sports in charge of a certain number of sports activities related to the aquatic environment, including diving. The FFESSM is a partner of CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities). This agreement enables French certifications to be recognised in most countries in the world.


The PADI (Profesional Association of Diving Instructors) is an American organisation created in 1966 dedicated solely to diving, snorkelling and freediving. It is now the most recognised organisation in the world with more than 30 million divers worldwide.

Spanish law:

– Courses FROM 12 years old (with depth limitation)

– MANDATORY MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for all training courses

– MANDATORY DIVE INSURANCE (available on site)


CMAS Courses

Level 1: Diver framed at 20m. From 14 years old. 3 days (all included: equipment, licence and card) : 365€. 

Level 2: Autonomous diver at 20m in club structure and supervised at 40m. From 16 years old and level 1. 5 days (excluding equipment, licence and card): 510€.

Level 3 : Autonomous diver up to 40m or 60m with the authorisation of the DP in a club structure. From 18 years old. 5 days (excluding equipment, licence and card, excluding RIFAP): 510€.

RIFAP: Reaction and Intervention in the Event of a Diving Accident (compulsory from N3 upwards) . 1 day (excluding equipment, licence and card) : 110€.

More information on the FFESSM website 

PADI Courses

Open Water Diver : Autonomous diver 18m but guided . From 15 years old. 4 days, (all included: equipment and card) : 420€.

Advanced Open Water Diver: Autonomous Diver 30m. From 15 years old. 2-3 days (equipment and card not included): 310€.

Rescue Diver: Autonomous Diver 30m. From 15 years old. 3 days (excluding equipment , card and EFR): 390€.

Divemaster : Contact us
Scuba diving guide 30m.  From 18 years old, 40 dives minimum.

EFR: Emergy First Response (first aid training, card excluded). 1 day : 110€.

PADI Specialities: Photo, Deep (40m) : please contact us

More information on the PADI website