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Photo/Video Lessons

Photo course

Claude has been an underwater photographer since his beginnings as an instructor. Its material has kept pace with the progress of manufacturers. It is therefore able to handle almost all types of devices and flashes. Given his long career, he can also manage shooting advice in almost all scenarios (weather conditions, light, type of flora and fauna, etc.). He also masters the most famous photo editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. His participation in numerous dedicated competitions gives him a certain recognition and a reputation and makes him a wise expert for divers interested in this activity.

Claude offers individual or small group tailor-made training: depending on your equipment, your level, the subjects you want to tackle, the time you want to devote to it …

Claude is also a Photo instructor at PADI. If you choose this specialty with him, a certification will be issued to you.


VIDEO course (beginner)

Céline started underwater video shortly after meeting Claude who shared her passion for photography with her.

Céline has a latest generation GoPro, a drone and a compact Sony RX100 M5 with an Isotta housing and2 headlights of 5500 Lumens. It can therefore, CUSTOMIZED but especially for beginners, advise you in the shooting, the choice of subjects according to your equipment, its maintenance but also on the assemblies and the software.

Visit his YouTube page: UNIVERCEL VIDEO

Photo/Video Courses

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