1 dive


2 – 9 dives


10 dives


Night dive


Ferox Shark*


Price per person and per dive, equipment not included (*if available)

Try dives

Intro Dive from the beach = 65 € equipment and insurance included (1 PRIVATE instructor!)

Intro dive from the boat = 85 € equipment and insurance included (1 PRIVATE instructor!)

PADI courses

Price per diver, equipment and cards not included

Open Water


Equipment and card included

Autonomous diver trained at 18m but guided. From 15 years old. 3 d.

Advanced O. W.


Autonomous diver trained at 30m. From 15 years old. 2 to 3 d.

Rescue Diver


Autonomous diver trained at 30m. From 15 years old. 3 d.

EFR Mandatory


EFR = 110€

DEEP = 255€

PHOTO = contact us


price per diver, equipment and cards not included

Level 1


equipment and cards included

Supervised diver at 20m. From 14 years old. 3 days

Level 2


Autonomous diver at 20m in a club structure and supervised at 40m. From 16 years old and from level 1.5 days


Level 3


Autonomous diver up to 40m (60m under conditions).From 18 years old. 5 d

RIFAP (First Emergency Diploma in Scubadiving) mandatory (110 €)

Certification card and license

Certification card= 20€

Club License = 55€

Certification cards and licenses

CMAS card: 20€

PADI card: 60€

CMAS License: 55€


Regulator / Vest / Wetsuit / Fins-mask-snorkel = 5 € * / piece

Full (excluding computer and lamp) = 10 € *

* price per person and per dive


1 day = 9€

7 days= 20€

30 days = 30€


The Centre can take care of your apartment rentals from 20 € / night / person (in an apartment for 2 people).

Apartment for 2 people: €45/night (+ €5 high season)

Apartment 4 people: €60/night (+ €10 high season)

* Towels and sheets provided

** Balcony and terrace subject to availability


Terms and Conditions

The Center has a limited capacity due to the desire for comfort on the boat and local regulations which impose a limited number of divers.
Therefore, we can accommodate a group of up to 10 divers on the boat.

A part of the amount of your stay to confirm your place may be requested (especially for groups or during high season).

We will not issue a refund once the deposit or balance has been paid, but we may credit you with your payment on another stay in the event that your cancellation occurs 30 days before your arrival. In the event that the client does not show up on the day of the reserved diving service or at the set time, the diving center reserves the right to retain the deposit or the total amount of the service paid by the client. Any activity started can not give rise to any refund, if the cancellation is due to the customer such as personal convenience, hearing problem, equipment failure, stress or any other reasons whatsoever. The club reserves the right to refuse to continue the activity as a precautionary measure against danger or disruption of the activity for the diver or other practitioners.

The client must personally ensure that he is in possession of all the qualifications and supporting documents required for the activity he wishes to perform and produce proof thereof to the club before the service.
The validation of a diving level is sanctioned by the success of practical and / or theoretical tests according to the formative mode or by examination. The club reserves the right not to issue a diploma if the client has not reached the minimum skills relating to the level claimed by the training. This scenario will not give rise to any reimbursement, nor to any additional free session.

The choice of dive sites cannot be predefined in advance and may be modified or the trips canceled depending on weather conditions or any other event that is not our responsibility and that would be considered dangerous for your safety. In the event of a postponement or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we will do our best to find an alternative. We will not refund the amount of your registration but it will be credited for another stay of your choice.

The club is in no way responsible for objects left or entrusted to the diving center or on the boats. The club cannot be held responsible for theft or loss of personal property in the diving center or during the diving service. The provision of a locker in no way modifies the provisions mentioned above.

You will be billed for any loss or breakage of the center’s equipment.

The Club does NOT have a bank card terminal. Only cash or transfers are accepted.