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The cuisine of El Hierro is a reflection of a rural society with its characteristic local ingredients, which highlights the purity of the land and its products, its traditions and the influence of other cultures and times. A gastronomy full of contrasts, such as its landscapes and its coast. Each Canary Island has adapted the ingredients and dishes in its own way. El Hierro is a land of wines with designation of origin, fresh fish from protected artisanal fishing, exceptional cheeses and typical dishes, thanks to the tradition of breeding. Here are recognizable flavors, such as tropical pineapple and quesadilla, El Hierro desert par excellence.

Authentic products and recipes

Fish occupy a central place in the diet of the inhabitants of the island. It is usually cooked fried, stewed or a la plancha. And it is always accompanied by the famous “papas arrugadas”, these potatoes cooked in salted water and their hot sauce, the red or green mojo. Fish and “papas arrugadas”, a typical combination of the Canary Islands.

Cheese is a must. Handcrafted, it is generally made with goat, cow or sheep milk. It is present in most of the island’s recipes, including the “cheese broth”, a heritage of pastoral culture, or the quesadilla, a typical dessert from El Hierro.

Since 1994, El Hierro has had its own Designation of Origin which certifies the quality of its wines. The Campo de Frontera Cooperative makes excellent wines that go very well with the local cheese. Most of the production consists of white wines with body and personality and, to a lesser extent, rosés with fruity aromas and young reds, bottled a few months after the harvest.

In El Hierro you will find many other Canarian specialties: watercress soup, local stew, “escaldón”, limpets, rabbit, goats.

Some good addresses

All the villages on the coast will offer you fish, limpets and shrimps. In general, the Herreños are more than delighted to introduce their gastronomy and are not stingy about quantities. Apart from local or international restaurants, the “Guachinches”, a kind of farmhouse meal, present a typical Herreño cuisine and setting. The 5 vineyards on the island provide a wide range of excellent quality wines (white, red or rosé). Among them some wines have won prizes including an ecological wine: Uwe. At the end of the meal, many restaurant owners can offer you the “chupito” which concludes the meal to go to the famous nap.

Pizzeria Amor Mio (LA RESTINGA): THE pizzeria de la Restinga with a large indoor room and an outside terrace with large tables. Wood-fired pizzas and pasta with seafood, as well as eggplant lasagna are the specialty. The welcome is very warm.

Casa Juan (LA RESTINGA): For Team Meridiano it is “the place to be”! The gastronomic restaurant of the restinga which won the award for best restaurant in the Canaries 2018 and 2019! Arabisen the chef and Lorena his wife will welcome you as if you were at home, with tailor-made meal adjustments. A specialty of fish, of course, canaries, but also organic beef produced on the island. Everything is homemade and the fruits and vegetables come directly from the farm. The originality of the chef’s dishes comes from his interest in learning recipes from other countries and adapting them with products from the island. The famous Tartare or the Tuna Tataki have convinced more than one! The menu is so varied that tourists are delighted to find it on several occasions.

El Refugio (La RESTINGA): The Restinga Fish Restaurant hidden in a small alley, and yet! The boss’s brother is one of the few traditional fishermen on the island and therefore supplies it first and foremost on arrival. When you sit down, you will be presented with the catch of the day on a platter and you will just have to make your choice of plancha or fried!

Tasca Restingolita (LA RESTINGA): Small restaurant of Canarian dishes located under the arcades at the end of the village, you will find all the fish specialties of the village and other Canarian dishes.

Mar de las Calmas (La RESTINGA): Very nice tapas bar and restaurant with a magnificent terrace overlooking the port of La Restinga. Javier the boss will welcome you warmly and can offer you the fried “chipirones” or “calamares” that are his success. There is also a restaurant where you can eat fish from the island and other Canarian dishes. The pleasure of meeting around a drink on the terrace after a good day makes it the ideal meeting point for divers and hikers.

Vieja Pandora (La RESTINGA): Very good restaurant at the Restinga with good value for money. A large room and a small terrace outside. The staff are friendly.

Restaurant La Peña (GUARAZOCA): This restaurant is located in a building worthy of a work of art, above a cliff by the architect César Manrique and which offers one of the best panoramic views over the valley of El Golfo. A very inexpensive menu is offered but the a la carte dishes are much better. All the dishes are typical Canarian or Herreño and the products are local.

La Higuera de Abuela (ECHEDO): This restaurant is located in a small village near the coast and Valverde but its decor and ambiance will enchant you. Under a shelter of greenery you can taste local dishes out of the sun on a terrace. Plants and flowers grow there in abundance as well as “Grandmother’s fig tree” which sits there. The food is delicious and the service impeccable.

La Passada (VALVERDE): it looks like a small snack on the side of the road, painted All in blue with its small terrace, and yet! One of the best restaurants in the Valverde area with local dishes, delicious fish and lovely staff.

La Sabina (EL PINAR): This restaurant is one of the oldest in the El Pinar area and stands out for its specialty: goat! Not to be missed under any circumstances, this dish prepared in sauce will thrill your taste buds.

Don Din 2 (FRONTERA):  In this restaurant in the town center of Frontera, the chef will be happy to explain his menu to you and to cut the meat or fish himself. The lamb is particularly delicious, and the chef prepares it for you with a spoon!

Punta Grande (FRONTERA):In the smallest hotel in the world you can find a restaurant and a terrace where you can have lunch at the end of a point in the sea!