Hikking and Trekking

Excursions and hikes are the main activities of this small wild island preserved from tourism. Numerous very well indicated routes are available (more than 290km), accessible on foot but also by bike.

As the island is volcanic and steep, some of the routes can be quite difficult to climb.

The famous El Hierro GR (long-distance footpath) crosses the entire island on both sides, starting from the lighthouse of La Orchilla and ending at the port of La Estaca in Valverde. This 42km long path is the one used by pilgrims during the parade of the Virgin of the Kings. During this very famous pilgrimage, which takes place every 4 years, a sacred representation of the island’s Virgin, richly dressed by the island’s craftsmen, is carried on the shoulders of porters designated to travel these 42km and stop in the villages passing through which will benefit from the Virgin’s blessing. This pilgrimage lasts 1 month.

El Hierro :

Mountain bike and bycicle

The numerous paths and hiking trails on the island allow both cycling and mountain biking activities rich in emotions!

Discover the pine forests, the primary forest, the volcanic paths and the seaside coasts with strong sensations!

There is the possibility of renting an electric bike, ideal for exploring the spectacular nature of El Hierro without much effort, which will help you through the difficult slopes. For those who are used to doing sports, you may prefer a mountain bike without motor, if you want, you can do guided bike routes, with a specialised guide who will accompany you during the whole route. These are routes lasting a few hours.

A little history

Its steep volcanic landscape allows the practice of PARAPENTING, an extreme sport very much appreciated here. A concentration takes place every year during which the freestyle champions give extraordinary demonstrations.

More information on the website of the tourist office

Club Guelillas


Parapente El Hierro

The "Charcos" : natural spools

The coasts of El Hierro consist of rocky cliffs up to 1000 meters high, coves and natural pools. “Los Archos”, “Charco Azul” or even “Tacoròn” are just a few where the tranquility of swimming in clear water is a privileged moment of relaxation.


A little massage?

After all these sports activities, or simply to relax, a small massage is highly appreciated .

A small beauty salon at La Restinga offers hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, but also massage! The masseur has specially prepared a “diving massage” which will allow you to relax and unwind your body after diving (Lomi-Lomi).

There is also a SPA in La Frontera that offers this kind of service (Pozo de la Salud).